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Underutilized Kitchen shears: Unlock Their Full Potential in Your Kitchen

Kitchen shears often go unnoticed and are unjustly underutilized, yet this unassuming household implement boasts remarkable versatility when wielded skillfully.

While they might be your go-to for cracking open a box of meal kits or trimming an unruly fern, their potential extends far beyond such mundane tasks.

Kitchen shears, or scissors for the less refined, are akin to the Swiss Army knife of the culinary realm and merit a level of recognition and usage that they seldom receive. These shears excel not only in cutting and trimming, but a well-chosen pair can tackle an extensive array of tasks in the kitchen, at home, and even outdoors—many of which you might not have contemplated. It’s an investment worth making, and if you’re still grappling with a diminutive pair or, heaven forbid, ordinary household scissors, it’s high time to upgrade to the real deal.

Outlined below are some commonplace and lesser-known applications for these mighty kitchen shears, elucidating why they just might be the most underestimated culinary tool in history.

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Handling Food Already in a Pan

When racing against the clock in the kitchen, it’s not uncommon to discover that the vegetables or meat in the hot pan aren’t quite the desired size. Rather than removing the hot item to chop it, turn to your kitchen shears for a quick snip to achieve the perfect size without missing a beat.

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Quality kitchen shears typically feature metal-teeth grippers within the handles, ideal for loosening stubborn jar lids or twisting off bottle caps. Simply secure the teeth onto two sides of the cap, and you’ll enjoy significantly more torque than relying on your hands alone. This technique is especially effective for smaller lids but works well on larger jars too.

The same metal teeth that excel at opening jars also make for excellent shell and nut crackers. When lobster crackers are nowhere to be found, kitchen shears step in to tackle the task, whether it’s shelling shellfish or cracking open sizable walnuts.

Many kitchen shears incorporate a built-in bottle opener within the handle or blades. Since my shears typically share a spot with my knives, I always know where to find a reliable bottle opener when needed.

Much like multitools, adept kitchen shears are a camper’s delight, assisting with tasks ranging from opening bottles to breaking down kindling for a fire and myriad other small jobs. This versatile piece of equipment extends its usefulness far beyond the confines of your kitchen.


Kitchen scissors, it is truly an essential tool in your kitchen. Please respect this true kitchen workhorse and give it the recognition it deserves.

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