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At our factory, we create scissors to order, meaning that we don’t have a set minimum order quantity that applies to all products. The minimum order quantity will vary depending on the type of Scissors you need and whether or not you want it Scissors of regular materials or specific materials.You can find the minimum order quantities for each Scissors style listed on our website’s product pages. If you only need a small number of scissors, you can buy as few as 500 units in one of our standard sizes, Poultry Shears or Kitchen Scissors, directly through our online shop.

Absolutely, we can provide you with various poultry shears or kitchen scissors designs and corresponding samples according to your needs. Alternatively, you can get samples of standard size scissors directly from us. If you can’t find a suitable option, please let us know as we’re sure we can help.

We do need you to provide some information for us to estimate the cost for you. You can provide us with your reference samples or graphic designs, along with details such as dimensions, quantity, and delivery address. If you don’t have samples or graphic designs, you can send us text, patterns, and ideas, and our team can create a graphic design for you free of charge.